Special offer


Mushroom soup25,00 kn

Shiitake, boletus, oyster mushrooms, champignons

Rabbit pâté20,00 kn

With roasted spelt bread

Chestnut and truffle soup28,00 kn

Chestnuts from Međimurje and Istrian truffles

Main dishes

Vege - Cauliflower Burger45,00 kn

With cold yoghurt from our kitchen, turmeric and chive


Plum dumplings20,00 kn

Dumplings from potato dough, stuffed with plums, with a topping of bread crumbs.

Small cake30,00 kn

Hazelnut, almonds, poppy seeds, white chocolate

Cold appetizers

Homemade mozzarella45,00 kn

Homemade mozzarella and tomatoes

Međimurje plate56,00 kn

Meat from tiblica - pork meat conserved in lard, pork tongues, sausages, slanine - lard and bacon spread, turoš cheese, fresh cottage cheese with cream

Eggplant and goat cheese salad56,00 kn

Grilled eggplant, garlic, roasted peppers, beets and goat cheese


Sour cream soup with mushrooms28,00 kn

Sour cream soup with mushrooms, chunks of meat from tiblica and dry tongue

Vegetable soup28,00 kn

Clear vegetable soup

Pumpkin soup28,00 kn

Hot appetizers

Mushroom risotto55,00 kn

Shiites, champignons and oyster mushrooms produced ecologically

Homemade black pasta with shrimps75,00 kn

Homemade black pasta with black tiger shrimp in white sauce

Homemade pasta with truffles65,00 kn

Homemade pasta with black truffle

Baked pumpkin seeds gnocchi45,00 kn

Baked pumpkin seeds gnocchi with porcini mushrooms and bacon

Spicy torn noodles40,00 kn

Torn noodles with leek on bacon


Small salad18,00 kn

Winter leaf salad25,00 kn

Salad with salmon65,00 kn

Salmon fillet with avocados, red beans and sweet corn in sweet and sour sauce

Salad with chicken wrapped in millet semolina45,00 kn

Chicken fillet in millet semolina, on a plate of leafy salad with dressing made of cream, parmesan, anchovy, onion and garlic

Fish dishes

Marinated fried squid with homemade tomato salsa45,00 kn

Grilled perch fillet95,00 kn

Grilled perch fillet on a bed of vegetables in tempura

Salmon fillet100,00 kn

Grilled salmon, homemade pasta, sauce of dill and fresh pepper

Fried adriatic calamari60,00 kn

With potatoes with butter and tartar sauce

Main dishes

Mangalitsa stew50,00 kn

The bread dumplings and mangulitsa bacon

Deer with forest fruit sauce95,00 kn

in a forest fruits and red wine sauce, with homemade pasta

Braised rabbit95,00 kn

Braised rabbit (leg, thigh) with vegetable sauce and mashed potatoes or vegetables

Crispy chicken roll75,00 kn

Chicken roll stuffed with camembert in crispy bacon wrapping with zucchini, rucola and cherry tomatoes

Drunk pork loin84,00 kn

Pork tenderloin in red wine and prunes with mashed celery and potatoes

Shamper sote74,00 kn

Beef fillet, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and tagliatelle

Vegeburger50,00 kn

Chicken pumpkin, rice and leek, egg plant, roasted peppers, tomato salsa, yogurt sauce with celery sticks. Vegetarian dish. Gluten-free.

Small dishes

Fiery prawns80,00 kn

Prawns from Adriatic sea in crispy pastry with cheese, fresh vegetables and sweet-hot sauce

Duck drumstick and thigh80,00 kn

Duck leg and thigh confit with orange sauce, honey and thyme, with homemade pasta and cabbage

Mignon with truffles104,00 kn

Mignon with truffles and mashed potatoes with a touch of truffle

Chicken roll50,00 kn

Chicken roll wrapped with crispy fries


Please specify if you want rare, medium rare or well done steak

Wrapped beefsteak150,00 kn

Beefsteak wrapped in pumpkin seeds, walnuts and pepper sauce, cherry tomatoes and grilled champignons

Beefsteak in porcini cream160,00 kn

Beef fillet in porcini mushroom cream with potatoes, bacon and onions

Noble roast - beefsteak150,00 kn

Noble roast (beef fillet) with torn noodles and buckwheat porridge

Grilled beefsteak 250 g / 350 g135,00 / 160,00 kn

With potatoes fried in butter


Canapé with homemade mozzarella18,00 kn

With homemade mozzarella and cherry tomatoes

Canapé with roasted pear18,00 kn

With roasted pear on goat cheese, dried cranberries and toasted almond slices

Canapé with mangulitsa sausage18,00 kn

With domestic mangulitsa sausage, pickled mushrooms with onions, grains of pepper and bay leaf

Canapé with smoked goat cheese18,00 kn

With grilled smoked goat cheese, grilled zucchini and basil

Canapé with meat from tiblica18,00 kn

With meat from tiblica (mangulitsa meat cured in lard), caramelized onions and mangulitsa lard and bacon spread

Canapé with cheese and truffles18,00 kn

With grilled cottage cheese garnished with truffles

Canapé with camembert18,00 kn

With camembert cheese and baked apple


Fruit compote18,00 kn

Homemade fruit compote of various fruits, with homemade cookies

Ice cream in pumpkin seed oil25,00 kn

Ice cream wrapped in almonds in pumpkin oil and chocolate

Chocolate volcano35,00 kn

Chocolate volcano (lava cake) with vanilla cream

Gibanica28,00 kn

Gibanica - stuffed with poppy seeds, cottage cheese, walnuts, plum jam and baked with cream

Međimurje coffee28,00 kn

Turkish coffee with rum, whipped egg yolks and cream

Plum dumplings20,00 kn

Dumplings from potato dough, stuffed with plums, with a topping of bread crumbs.

Small cake30,00 kn

Hazelnut, almonds, poppy seeds, white chocolate


Sparkling wines

Sparkling wine Shamper Ch 0,1 l23,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Sp 0,1 l23,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Gr 0,1 l23,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Cp Rose 0,1 l23,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Ch 0,75 l160,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Sp 0,75 l160,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Gr 0,75 l160,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Cp Rose 0,75 l160,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Ch 0,75 l retail89,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Sp 0,75 l retail89,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Gr 0,75 l retail89,00 kn

Sparkling wine Shamper Cp Rose 0,75 l retail89,00 kn

Hot beverages

Coffee9,00 kn

Coffee with milk10,00 kn

Coffee with cream10,00 kn

Cappuccino instant14,00 kn

Latte macchiato14,00 kn

Cappuccino espresso12,00 kn

Tea12,00 kn

Tea with lemon13,00 kn

Honey3,00 kn

Soft drinks

Coca-Cola 0,25 l16,00 kn

Fanta 0,25 l16,00 kn

Bitter Lemon 0,25 l16,00 kn

Tonic Water 0,25 l16,00 kn

Natural fruit juice Juicy 0,20 l17,00 kn

Natural orange juice 0,30 l24,00 kn

Natural lemonade 0,30 l17,00 kn

Natural apple juice Hažić 0,33 l19,00 kn

Natural apple & aronia juice Hažić 0,33 l19,00 kn

Mineral water Jamnica 0,75 l17,00 kn

Mineral water Jamnica 0,50 l15,00 kn

Mineral water Jamnica 0,25 l14,00 kn

Natural water Jana 0,75 l17,00 kn

Natural water Jana 0,33 l14,00 kn

Strong drinks

Jagermeister 0,03 l15,00 kn

Hennessy 0,03 l20,00 kn

Courvoisier 0,03 l20,00 kn

Rum Havana 0,03 l15,00 kn

Votka Smirnoff 0,03 l15,00 kn

Chivas Regal 0,03 l20,00 kn

Jack Daniels 0,03 l20,00 kn

Jim Beam 0,03 l18,00 kn

Golfer liqueur 0,03 l18,00 kn

Kova liqueur 0,03 l18,00 kn

Trova liqueur 0,03 l18,00 kn

Kmet liqueur 0,03 l18,00 kn


Zmajsko Pale Ale 0,33 l20,00 kn

Zmajsko Porter 0,33 l20,00 kn

Zmajsko Hoppy Wheat 0,66 l32,00 kn

Zlatni medvjed 0,50 l20,00 kn

Garden Stout 0,33 l18,00 kn

Garden Session Ale 0,33 l18,00 kn

Garden Citrus IPA 0,33 l18,00 kn


Kir Royal25,00 kn

Mimosa25,00 kn

Aperol Spritz25,00 kn


White wine 0,15 l12,00 kn

White wine 1 l60,00 kn

Red wine 0,15 l23,00 kn

Red wine 1 l145,00 kn

Red barrique wine 0,15 l28,00 kn

Red barrique wine 1 l185,00 kn

Zeleni silvanac Belović 0,15 l20,00 kn

Zeleni silvanac Belović 0,75 l100,00 kn

Traminac Belović 0,15 l20,00 kn

Traminac Belović 0,75 l100,00 kn

Sauvignon Belović 0,15 l20,00 kn

Sauvignon Belović 0,75 l100,00 kn

Yellow muscat Belović 0,15 l20,00 kn

Yellow muscat Belović 0,75 l100,00 kn

Chardonnay Novak 0,15 l20,00 kn

Chardonnay Novak 0,75 l100,00 kn

Chardonnay Kojter 0,15 l20,00 kn

Chardonnay Kojter 0,75 l100,00 kn

Graševina Novak 0,15 l20,00 kn

Graševina Novak 0,75 l100,00 kn

Pušipel Dvanajščak 0,15 l20,00 kn

Pušipel Dvanajščak 0,75 l100,00 kn

Rhein riesling Cmrečnjak 0,15 l20,00 kn

Rhein riesling Cmrečnjak 0,75 l100,00 kn